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Midlands on View is a research facility based in Sutton Coldfield. The Viewing centre consists of 8 rooms all fully equipped with state of the art recording equipment, comfortable soft furnishings and all the stationary you could wish to find. The facility is located in the heart of Sutton Coldfield which is easily reached by bus or train but still provides the privacy you need to conduct your research as privately and confidentially as required. The facility is a well presented clean and friendly environment for clients and respondents.

All staff have a warm and welcoming demeanour that makes you feel right at home. The facility manager is a good looking suave gentleman by the name of Bert and he is assisted by the beautiful receptionist Jayde. The dynamic duo are always happy to assist in ensuring all research is conducted to the highest level and all your needs are met. Fresh food is also prepared on site whether it be light bites such as snacks and sandwiches or a gourmet meal prepared by Mr Bert Booth himself.